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in central Arles

Your restaurant close to the arenas of Arles

Opening of the restaurant from March 31 to September 23


Open from March 31, 2023 to September 23

New hours:

31 March - 02 July: Open in the evening from Wednesday to Sunday included

03 July - 03 September: 7/7 noon and evening

03 until 23 September: Open in the evening from Wednesday to Sunday included


At Le Voltaire restaurant, we offer a wine list exclusively in biodynamics. Our wines are selected by Caroline Loiseleux, and we are proud to defend committed and passionate winegrowers. 

Our restaurant in Arles

For this new 2023 season in Arles, our restaurant Le Voltaire announces a huge change! The cuisine is emancipated from its initial line, we invite at the Le Voltaire an amazing duo of Italian chefs for modern, local and inventive cuisine.

Giulia and Francesco introduce themselves: 

"We are Giulia and Francesco, a duo of young chefs, and we created our culinary project called Mani e Vini.

The idea behind our style of cooking is that everyone should have fun, in the kitchen and at the table. We care deeply about conveying the value of making choices, choosing gestures, products, seasonality, the influence of other cultures and cuisines.

We would like to offer a creative and familiar menu, where the flavor conveys the feeling of being at home but at the same time the curiosity of exotic cuisines.

We both went to the Scuola di Cucina Italiana in Alma, where we met and then started our journeys.

- Francesco chose a "starry" route, from which he was able to learn the most advanced techniques and perfection in each element, working as CDP at Retroscena*, All'oro and at Retrobottega and Retrovino.

- Giulia chose to focus on fire cooking and offal by working at Marzapane, then managing the kitchen of a natural wine bar L'Antidoto. In the meantime, she has worked with food writers, publishing houses and advertising companies as a recipe developer and tester for the production of new cookbooks. Together we have worked as sous-chef and CDP in gastronomic events with We are Ona for the Venice Biennale and Salone del mobile in Milan.

We now live in the countryside in Tuscany to create the culinary part of the Castle of Calcione with a project that starts from our vegetable garden and local producers to highlight our regional flavors."


A few Pop Up events will be organized during the season with the invitation of other chefs.

Exclusively biodynamic wine list.

Tailor-made group menu on request.


This is a beautifully refreshed former Arles hotel. The decor is great. The restaurant is spacious and has a large terrace overlooking Place Voltaire. The Lebanese-inspired Mediterranean cuisine is excellent. The menu is renewed frequently and it is both a great culinary discovery. The wine list is also of high quality. Finally, regarding the service, the staff is pleasant, smiling, good advice for wines.
I highly recommend this restaurant.

Djamel B


It's a melody

that we love taste by mouth

G Rossini

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